Vocal Arrangements by Larry Triplett

Christmas and other Holiday Songs

Arrangements listed here with BHS in the Status column may be ordered from the Society library by contacting customerservice@barbershop.org. If the Status column says LT, then I own the copyright and you may order it by contacting me, or if you find it more convenient, then you may also order it from Marketplace. I’ve listed the stock numbers for each song unless it has been submitted recently and not yet assigned a number. Indications of contestability are just my opinion - it’s recommended that you always ask a music judge.

Title Comments Status Stock # Fee Preview Tracks
All I Want For Christmas Is You Mariah Carey’s hit, challenging rhythmically, but worth it! BHS 202204 50.00 View Jordan Litz
Christmas Through Your Eyes Gloria Estefan’s heartfelt song about how children see Christmas BHS 202212 50.00 View Jordan Litz
Fum, Fum, Fum An old Spanish carol that mimics the sound of a guitar LT 202208 50.00 View GA tracks
Gloucester Wassail An English seasonal drinking song LT 202210 50.00 View GA tracks
How Far Is It To Bethlehem A beautiful carol from the 18th century; 3 verses with varied treatment LT 203973 50.00 View Simon Isbäck
I Wish I Could Be Santa Claus Warm and lovely Paul Williams tune featured in A Muppets Christmas BHS 203956 50.00 View Ryan Griffith
It’s a Hanukkah Song
(In a Major Key)
But shall we say a non-traditional one? Chuckles are guaranteed. BHS 207031 50.00 View Drew Wheaton
Mary’s Little Boy Child Calypso beat version of the Jester Hairston tune made popular by Harry Belafonte BHS 203161 50.00 View Simon Isbäck
Old World Christmas Medley Extended medley of European carols from the 14th to 17th centuries LT 202209 75.00 View Simon Isbäck
When A Child Is Born Haunting and simple, the anticipation of a “tiny star, way up high” drives this 1972 carol, a big hit for Johnny Mathis. BHS 205666 50.00 View Shawn Thomas
You Are So Much Of Christmas To Me Love makes the Christmas season an even more special time. LT 50.00 View

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