Vocal Arrangements by Larry Triplett

Women's Voicing

Most of my arrangements have been written for men's voices. But that doesn't mean they can't be adapted for women's voices. A few have already been adapted. There's a little more to it than just transposing. Copyright owners vary in the way they look at this, but many consider revoicings to be new arrangements, so they may require a new permission form to be filed, with its accompanying fees (usually around $65). If you're interested in an adaptation, please contact me. If you're the first one to request for a particular song, I'll even take your group's voice ranges into consideration in adapting the chart.

Title Comments Status Stock # Fee Preview
All I Want For Christmas Is You Mariah Carey's hit, challenging rhythmically, but worth it! BHS 204613 50.00 View
I Wish You Love Inspired by a Sinatra recording, this one swings! BHS 206401 50.00 View
L-O-V-E Rhythmic fun here - Village Vocal Chords won HI International with this chart in 2011. BHS 205665 50.00 View
It’s The Girl Guys try hard to make the situation just right, but the girl is in the driver’s seat! A driving uptune. BHS Pending 50.00 View
Mary’s Little Boy Child Calypso beat version of the Jester Hairston tune made popular by Harry Belafonte BHS 205616 50.00 View
Softly As I Leave You A loving farewell ballad. BHS 204799 50.00 View
An Uptune In Search of a Song Zany contest piece that makes fun of all the things you don’t DARE do in contest. LT 75.00 View
You Brought A New Kind of Love To Me A swinging Sinatra tune - wonder if he noticed all the great barbershop chords? BHS 209741 50.00 View

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