Arrangements by Larry Triplett

How to Order

Arrangements listed here fall into several categories, indicated by the Source column in the various listings:

  1. The song has been published through BHS and a link is provided to order directly from the Society.
  2. The copyright is owned by an affiliate of Hal Leonard and they are licensed for sale through Sheet Music Plus (SMP). A link is provided to order directly from SMP. Note: an order requires a minimum purchase of 10 copies, but the total price is considerably less than the cost of a custom license, which is required for copyrighted songs owned by others.
  3. The copyright is owned by another publisher, and a new license is required for each group wishing to perform the song. When you provide details about your request, I will check with the publisher and respond to you with costs. In some cases, the song was previously licensed through BHS and a link is provided to request updated pricing.
  4. The copyright is owned or managed by me (LT). You may order these directly from me by clicking the link to send an email for details. Some of these also have the option to order from SMP.

Pricing if ordering directly from me for songs ordered directly from me: Arranger Fee plus 2.00 per copy fees. Contact me for informaton specific to your group. Upon payment, you will be authorized to make the designated number of legal copies. Payment can be made through PayPal (preferred) or by sending a check to:

Larry Triplett
PO Box 2716
Durham, NC 27715
(919) 419-9030

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Contact me with requests for custom arrangements.

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