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Arrangements listed here with BHS in the Status column may be ordered from the Society library by contacting customerservice@barbershop.org. If the Status column says LT, then I own the copyright and you may order it by contacting me, or if you find it more convenient, then you may also order it from Marketplace. I’ve listed the stock numbers for each song unless it has been submitted recently and not yet assigned a number. Indications of contestability are just my opinion - it’s recommended that you always ask a music judge.

Title Comments Contest? Status Stock # Fee Preview Tracks
All the World Will Be Jealous of Me Classic barbershop with wonderful poetry from the turn of the 20th century. Y LT 203365 50.00 View  
A Band of Brothers This Bill Rashleigh original is a tribute to the troops that protect a nation. Y LT 206370 60.00 View Simon Rylander
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes The Disney classic from Cinderella with a fresh new verse. Y BHS 202202 50.00 View
Everybody Loves Somebody Dean Martin’s theme song, but so much more! This treatment is mostly ballad style, with a section that swings. Y BHS 203205 50.00 View Kohl Kitzmiller
Frustrated Quartet Montage Comedic piece from the twisted mind of Bill Rashleigh, about how a quartet’s valient efforts to improved aren’t always rewarded by the judges. Y LT 60.00 View
He Will Carry You Beautiful message about Christian assurance, inspired by Tim Waurick’s recording on his first solo album. N BHS 50.00 View Tim Waurick
How Can I Keep From Singing Christian hymn from the congregational tradition, over 150 years old, arranged as a tribute to, and at the request of, my friend Jon Vickers. N LT 50.00 View Tim Waurick
How Can I Keep From Singing Your Praise Not to be confused with the hymn above, this is a contemporary anthem by Chris Tomlin. N BHS 50.00 View Tim Waurick
I Feel A Song Comin’ On A sparkling opener that invites your audience to sit up and take notice. N BHS 111051 50.00 View Simon Rylander
I Miss You Most of All A song of heartbreak with wonderful descriptive poetry. Y LT 200500 50.00 View  
I Wish You Love Inspired by a Sinatra recording, this one swings! Y BHS 203176 50.00 View Jordan Litz
(Loo Loo Loo) I’ll Take You Dreaming The flavor of a lullaby infects this melody sung by Danny Kaye Y BHS pending 50.00 View Shawn Thomas
I’m A Fool To Want You So many times you broke my heart, why can’t I move on? Sinatra delivered the answer. Y BHS 208494 50.00 View Instant Classic
If Classic 70’s soft rock hit by David Gates and Bread. N BHS 209086 50.00 View Tim Waurick
If I Didn’t Care Nice and easy does it with this Ink Spots tune. Y BHS 203207 50.00 View Jordan Litz
If You Can’t Get A Girl In the Summertime Fun uptune, nearly 100 years old, with some nice patter lyrics. Y LT 203393 50.00 View  
It’s The Girl A little atmosphere may help, but it’s her! A driving uptune. Y BHS 114011 50.00 View  
L-O-V-E Rhythmic fun here - this won the Lou Perry competition in 2008. Y BHS 202201 50.00 View Jordan Litz
The Man In the Looking Glass Reflective song about a life well-lived, inspired by Sinatra's treatment in his album September of My Years Y BHS Pending 50.00 View Kohl Kitzmiller
My Lucky Day A catchy easy beat tune about unexpected love Y LT Pending 60.00 View  
Old Bones This light-hearted shuffle was a big hit for George Burns. Y BHS Pending 50.00 View Drew Wheaton
Paid In Full Christian song about redemption; Christ’s crucifixion absolves us from our sins. N BHS Pending 50.00 View Tim Waurick
Smilin’ Through An original verse by Bill Rashleigh tells the back story of this lovely ballad from 1919. This chart expands on Lou Perry's treatment. Y LT 204608 60.00 View Jordan Litz
Softly As I Leave You A loving farewell ballad. N BHS 202203 50.00 View  
This Ole House (4 parts plus bass solo) If you have a REAL bass soloist, this gospel tune will be just what your chorus needs. N BHS Pending 60.00 View  
A Thousand Thoughts of You A hauntingly beautiful ballad from a relatively unknown Nat King Cole album. Y BHS 202592 50.00 View Simon Rylander
(Let's Start) Tomorrow Tonight Uptempo swing song from the Broadway-based TV series "Smash". Y BHS Pending 50.00 View Drew Wheaton
Too Young One of Nat King Cole’s big hits, this is just too pretty for words. Y BHS 202564 50.00 View Jordan Litz
Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie A new twist on the song you thought you knew. Y LT 202207 60.00 View Jordan Litz
A Woman Like You Sweet love song with engaging lyrics from country artist Lee Brice Y BHS pending 50.00 View
An Uptune In Search of a Song Zany contest piece that makes fun of all the things you don’t DARE do in contest. Y LT 206385 75.00 View Tim Waurick
We’ll Have A Jubilee In My Old Kentucky Home A little-known song with a happy beat and nostalgic message. Y LT 200501 50.00 View
You Brought A New Kind of Love To Me A swinging Sinatra tune - wonder if he noticed all the great barbershop chords? Y BHS 206376 50.00 View Tim Waurick
You’re All The World To Me An original song by Bill Rashleigh, this is a power ballad with a strong tag. Y LT 205652 60.00 View Simon Rylander

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